Splash Waterproof Fly Fishing Sling Bag Multi-Purpose Shoulder Fishing Pack Outdoor Backpack

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    Waterproof Multi-Purpose Shoulder Fly Fishing Sling Bag

    Body: 100% Polyester Fibe

    Inner Surface: Polyurethane waterproof processing

    Color: Dark green

    Weight:513g / 18oz

    The high-density material was adopted in a necessary part of shape retaining and anti-fouling

    Japanese design concept, A tackle of a light salt game harvests systematically.

    With the Easy Slide system that a bag fits quickly.

    Fish grip holder. Treatment can take out quickly, and is also easy. With a draw cable

    A main opening is the ta gage zipper and a resin handle.

    The specification which tends often to open the interior at a light birthplace and see

    A pin, with a loop on which a reel can put tool kinds on

    With a holder in which a pliers and a knife can be stored

    With a carabiner

    Equipped with fish grip holder.

    The light salt game tackle is stored systematically.

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