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Are you picky, price conscious and looking for the best Fly Tying Materials? Explore fly-tying materials at Maxcatch—find everything you need to tie up your favorite fly patterns, from materials and tools to organizers and magnifiers. Fly Fishing Supplies & Gear with Free Shipping!

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Fly Tying Supplies, Material & Equipment for Sale

Do you tie your own flies?

Some people consider fly tying an often rewarding, although sometimes frustrating, hobby. Others tie their own flies to save money and some have even succeeded in turning their hobby into a money-making venture.

To tie flies, you'll need fly tying supplies and equipment, patterns or tutorials, and a workspace with good lighting. You'll also need plenty of patience! Video fly tying tutorials are especially helpful for newcomers to the hobby. We only offer quality fly tying equipment for sale.

Maxcatch's offers fly-tying supplies from all styles and kinds of tools. With our Maxcatch tool stations, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing or damaging your favorite pair of tying scissors or pliers ever again.

Maxcatch sponsored some charity groups that they will teach children how to tie flies. It will help them stay away from drugs and violence. We will devoted to helping children get more interests in fly fishing and fly tying.

With our professional fly tying tools, you'll be ready to master this delicate and beautiful craft. Make sure that you share with us photos of your flies. We are always looking to highlight the adventures of our valued customers.

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