Fly Fishing Rod

Fly fishing rods can be divided into different types according to materials and specifications. As the key tool of fly fishing, fishing rods need to be produced variety to fit different fishers. For example, it is better to be lighter for beginners, and for experienced ones, they pay more attention to the quality. Following are different kinds of fly fishing rods, and there must be one that suits you.

Tenkara Carbon Fly Fishing Rod
Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod
Camo 9ft 5WT 4Sec / 7Sec Graphite Fly Rod
Crystal Black V-Feather Fly Rod
V-access Fast Action New Starter Rod
Amigo Fly Fishing Rod
Practice Rod with Fly Line for New Starter
Tenkara Frosted Fly Fishing Rod
Aspire All purpose Fly Rod
Alltime Traveller Fly Fishing Rod
ADVANCE Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod
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Fly Fishing Rod - Various of rods optional

Are you looking for your first fly fishing rod?

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Can I have a fly fishing rod fits me and my budget?

Absolutely yes!

Our professional fly fishing rods will give you a new experience cast. These are made with high quality materials, including carbon fiber and glass fiber. No matter beginner or experienced fisher you are, what kind of fishing rod you want, you will find the best one here.

Maxcatch glass fiber fly fishing rod is a wonderful fishing tool, with well balance giving you casting accuracy and distance. Fiberglass fishing rods perfectly priced for beginners and provides a great bunch of fun for experience fishers, who want to know the difference between glass fiber and carbon fiber.

Our carbon fiber fishing rods are popular among the customers, especially rods made of nano carbon fiber. Carbon fiber fishing rods are lighter than glass fiber ones, but the flexibility of the fishing rod is increased while the hardness is reduced, and that requests fishers' improvement of fly fishing technique.

There are fishing rods of different specifications, distinguished from the rod length, rod weight and pieces. You need to choose the perfect one of specification according to the casting distance.

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