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Fly boxes can be found for every need including boxes designed for holding tube flies, dry flies, stinger flies, nymph flies and streamers. Fly box gear on sale for the ABSOLUTE best prices. Listed is the highest discounts, sales, deals and clearance products.

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Maxcatch Carries a Variety of Fly Fishing Boxes

A good fly box carries what you need for spcific angling situations. We have found these situations to be covered with fly box options. Maxcatch Boxes are great for trout and saltwater applications. We have your steelhead and salmon needs covered with boxes designed for Intruder stinger type flies and tube fly options.

We put tons of time into the selections in our fly kits to make sure that when you buy one, every fly in the box is a winner. Unlike most companies' fly kits, ours come with a fly box and give you a deep discount on the flies, We also throw in a cheat sheet that will give you leader formulas, tips on where/how to fish certain flies, and how to rig them.

Maxcatch carries a variety of fly fishing boxes. From plastic to aluminum, we will give you the best price for a quality fly box. Almost all of our boxes are "Lowest Discount" you are interested in making some fly boxes for your organization with a custom logo, please contact us and we will give you a quote. These are great fund raisers and also a classy gift from your organization.  Some special time requirements apply, please call for questions.

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