Nano Nymph Professional Euro Nymphing Fly Rod<Lifetime Warranty>

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    Designed for Professional Nymph Fly Fishing.

    EVERYTHING to BE a GREAT NYMPHING FLY ROD -Light, Sensitive and Easy to Cast. Give you any shot of fly accurately. We want to open the world of nymphing for you. For the money, there is nothing comparable to this rod. Incredibly effective. It is just plain fun. Amazing for how far it can reach for a 3wt rod, and how good to control and mend the line. 

    NANO+ MAXSPIRAL BLANK TECHNOLOGY - Made of IM10 and IM12 Japanese Toray Carbon with Nano+ resin. Improved durability with reduced blank weight with the new Nano+ resin. The tip is a bit of stiffer,And the rod bends down to the halfway point. This is easy to cast the fly to desired spot. And the butt section has quite a good power in reverse, so it is comfortable to handle a bigger fish even though it is a very light 2wt or 3wt rod. 

    DISTANCE and PRESENTATION - this is an easy to cast rod, Maintain the tight connection to the fly, you can feel every bump from the bottom. Every subtle or hard bite is felt clearly for hookups. And very responsive casting for rolling casting and over head casting. If you want to use it for casting a dry fly. It will only work well like a medium fast action rod.

    HIGH STANDARD SMOOTH GUIDES – MaxSelect Sea-guide guides,Hi-grade solid Titanium frame with ceramic ring inserted, PVD coated stainless steel snake guides, and tip top  for smoothest longer casting.
    PURE CORK HANDL and REEL SEAT – Pure AAAA Contoured Cork Handle for comfortable gripping and also helpful for casting.Top grade Natural Hard burled wood insert in machined aluminum reel seat with two up-locking rings for reliable fixing of the reel foot.

    THREE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a 15 years fly rod factory,offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our rods for one year. If you are not 100% satisfied with our rod, you can return it in any time. And we also offer lifetime repairing for All Maxcatch rods.




    Ádám DarázsToday with my new Nano wt3! Nice fly fishing rod I have ever own.



    I ordered this rod looking for something to tight line nymph on rivers and streams. I really like the action of

    the rod. It turns over my rig really well-very responsive casting. The length gives me reach around bushes

    and allows me to reach elusive spots- even across the waterway while maintaining a clean drift by avoiding

    currents. I really like this rod and am pleased with the purchase. Would purchase it again in a heartbeat!


    Harry w.
    I actually really like this rod. I bought before I really started to get into euro nymphing, and I think it was 
    a really great introduction rod. It is a bit on the heavier side, however i did purchase mine as a 5wt andany euro nymphing I did required a much lighter reel (2-3wt) to balance out my rig. Also super nice whenyou take the exstension off as well, and i personally LOVE using mine for dry fly fishing as well as swingingwet flies. Personally, I don't have a ton of experience fishing streamers with mine, however with the heaverweights im sure there really wouldnt be an issue casting a bigger fly. All in all a great introductory rod foreuro nymphing, and orks well as a classic 9ft rod as well, definitely has brought alot of fish to the net andworks well for me!


    Scott Long
    I have purchased your loft #2 4psc rod and love it very much Very durable and great for trout going to be purchasing
    another rod and reel soon. Thank you very much and keep up the good work! I would also be interested on being one of yourstaff members


    JeremyRod weight of the 3wt rod I received is correct. Casts well. Lightweight and good quality rod. Would recommend.


    AdrianSi te gusta la pesca a ninfa esta caña de 10 pies es una pieza insuperable, rinde tan bien como una EchoShadow 2 por un precio mucho menor, la punta de la caña es muy sensible a los piques permitiendo máscapturas mientras protege los tippets tan finos como un 8x, además permite hacer lances largos con unapresentación perfecta tanto en mosca seca como con ninfas pesadas
    Para ser una caña perfecta su acabado debería ser en color mate. Una caña estupenda.


    iMPOH G.

    large CANE By that price. Is very lugera But look rugged. can be ordered TOE plus a poco By more than money. free shipping falta

    probarla the rio-. selling wholesale ask any doubt podeis Is very attentive. trust 100%.



    The material arrived fast, by standard shipping. Received in Madrid in 21 days. The service and attention of the seller, excellent. Totally satisfactory the purchase experience. I'll keep buying at maxcatch website


    Pierre Lef

    Nano nymph rod is so cool.

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