Nano Nymph Professional Euro Nymphing IM12 Rod<Lifetime Warranty>

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     Designed For professional nymph fly fishing.

    Life Time Warranty.

    Difference refund for this nano nymph rod.

    Champion Design Nano Nymph Fly Fishing Rods 10ft 3wt, 4wt 4Pcs IM12 Toray carbon

    Sage or St Croix equal for 75% less moneyFew as Good None Better

    Feel Every Bump on the bottom to know where you need to be. And every “Take” whether subtle or hard is easily felt for more hoop ups

    You cannot find a comparable specialized Nymphing rod at this price point, and in fact they easily compete with rods costing 3 plus times more. 

    These rods are designed to catch fish- actions are specifically tweaked for Euro Nymphing, enabling you to turn over longer leaders & lightweight flies if necessary, while still giving you tippet protection. 

    They also make fantastic wet fly/soft-hackle rods, due to their extra length & softer tips. 

    These rods are all designed to balance nicely and be light in the hand to minimize fatigue. 

    The #3 and #4 rods are ideally suited to Euro Nymphing, while the #4's crossover into both Euro & Indicator nymphing. 

    To really maximize your rods performance for Euro Nymphing, consider purchasing a matching Maxcatch Competition Nymph line.

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