Multi Jointed Fishing Hard Lure Swimbait 6 Segments Artificial Bite&Feather Hook

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    Fishing area : Salt water/ Freshwater 

    Multi Jointed Design for Real Fish Imitation (6segments)

    Slow Sinking 

    Aggressive Action 

    Body Length

    6.25 inches / 16cm


    1.36oz / 39g


    #2 VMC premium treble Hook From France 


    Verisimilitude Fish Skin


    High density plastic body

    Hook Material

    Sharp & High Penetration Carbon steel

    Ready to catch a monster fish ? 

    Maxcatch redefines the concept of lure fishing.

    All of out lures are designed to use the best technology available and produced with high quality components .

    Each lure is meticuluosly tested by professional anglers before it is manufactured to give you the best possible fishing experience .

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