2 pcs Knot-tying Device Hook Eye Cleaner Fishing Line Clipper

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    Key Features

    • All-in-one Tool: Combines line cutting, knot tying and hook cleaning into one simple, do-it-all tool. You’ll never have to waste time fiddling around with separate tools ever again.
    • Unparalleled Portability: Weighing just 11g/0.38oz., this tool is ideal for any and all fly-fishing adventures, be they an after-work excursion or a week-long vacation at your favorite fishing spot.
    • Durable Construction: Forged from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, this tool is easily capable of withstanding the daily trials and tribulations of hook and line maintenance.  
    • Ergonomic Design: This tool has been designed to be as easy to handle as possible thanks to its easy-grip handle and sleek design, reducing the time wasted maintaining your equipment when you'd rather be out on the waters fishing. 
    • Ultra-sharp: The line clipper has been refined to include an ultra-sharp cutting edge, providing a stronger bite that can cut through any fly line imaginable.   


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