CFA Waterproof Plastic Fly Fishing Box with Slit Foam 136x86x36mm Fly Box Black Color Fishing Tackle Box

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    • Robust black plastic construction
    • Slit foam insert for secure fly and hook storage
    • 100% waterproof
    • Small size (136 x 86 x 36 mm) for increased portability
    • Lightweight and comfortable to handle
    Increased storage capacity. Durable, waterproof construction. Lightweight design. We asked you, our loyal customers, what exactly you are looking for in a fly box, and these are the responses we received. That’s why we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the CFA Fly Box incorporates all of these elements.

    With its lightweight, durable construction and small size, the CFA Fly Box is ideal for all manner of fly fishing situations. Whether you’re a casual weekend angler looking to sink a few hours into your favorite pastime or a harden veteran looking for a secure storage solution for an extended trip in the rugged wilderness, the Maxcatch CFA fly box with its 100% waterproof design is the ideal companion to safely house those valuable flies and hooks.      

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