Damsel 12pcs Fly Fishing Fly Assortment Nymph A dozen 6 Patterns

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    The Damsel Nymph is the largest subsurface insect that a fly fishing angler tries to imitate. Damsel nymphs are a member of the Odonata family of insects.

    This group is more commonly known as dragon Flies and the adults vary in colour and can be the size of a man’s hand.

    A perfect general purpose Damselfly pattern, combining the subtle mottling of a partridge hackle with a long seductive marabou tail. The gold bead head ensures that the fly gets down a bit and also imparts a deadly wiggle to the tail. With Damsels present at virtually every fishery throughout the country no-one should be without a few of these 'core' occupants of your fly box.

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