Skagit Shooting 200-650gr 17-25FT Head Fly Line

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    200-650gr 17-25FT Shooting Head Fly Line With 2 Welded Loops Double Color Floating Fly Line

    * Powerful front end to easily cast large flies and fast sinking tips

    * Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity

    * Completely serious of heads with varying lengths and small size increments

    For best performance, MAXCATCH
    recommends attaching the
    following head sizes to these
    shooting lines sizes:
    200 to 400 gr-.024"/.026" shooting line,
    or 25lb SlickShooter/GripShooter.
    400 to 550 gr-.030"/.032" shooting line,
    or 35lb SlickShooter/GripShooter.
    550 to 675 gr-.035"/.037" shooting line,
    or 44Ib SlickShooter/GripShooter.
    675 gr and heavier-.040"/.042" shooting line,
    or 50lb SlickShooter/GripShooter.

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