TVC New model Green color fly tying vise

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    A beginner's vise that will satisfy experienced tiers as well. The Apprentice Vise has a rotary tension screw, a hinged stem,

    and will hold hooks size 28 to 1/0. All anodized aluminum from 2024 aluminum with hardened steel jaws. Improvements include

    a rotating head, a hinged stem,

    The rotating head allows tiers to turn a fly over without removing the hook from the jaws, giving them much greater versatility with this vise.


    ·  All anodized 2024 aluminum with Hard Chromium Carbon Steel Jaws

    ·  360 rotating head allows tiers to finish fly tying without removing the hook. It is more convenient to use and time saving

    ·  By rotating the screw, height of the vise can be adjusted, Jaw capacity is 28 to 1/0

    ·  It is designed for beginners, but will also satisfy experienced tiers as well

    ·  Package included 1x fly tying vise

     Our rotating tying vise is an updated version of the classic, with improved fly tying vise and more room for your bobbin to work. This rotary vise is sleek and high-performing, used by many experienced fly tiers to handle hooks from #28 to 4/0 in its hardened-steel jaws. 

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