How to Pick Your Antique Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

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How to Pick Your Antique Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

You should learn how to pick your antique fly fishing rod and reel before you make the final decision. Just like buying your new fly fishing gear for the next fishing trip, you should be prepared for it. Although antique fishing things are different. There are a lot of books and webs about this topic.

We should notice that antique means that the fly fishing rods and reels are made during 1940 and 1980. So you could read the brand names like Julius vom Hofe, Otto Zwarg and Fin-Nor then. Their products are much different especially the style of fishing rods and reels. You could choose what you like.

To identify the age of the antique gears, we can read the brief introductions from the sellers. There are some professional webs and specialists. You would get some help as far as you want. The value of the antique rods and reels are influenced by the age and the real condition.

Handmade fly fishing reels and rods tend to be much scarcer. Because they are made by craftsmen who spent a lot of time on their products. It means a smaller output of fly fishing tools. Now they become infrequent objects for collectors. 

See the condition of the antique fly fishing collection. In fact, some old reels and rods without good conditions are not your best choice too. You are supposed to take age, handiwork and condition into consideration. We all admit such a difficult thing. And we just try to keep a balance.

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