How to Wear a Fly Fishing Net

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How to Wear a Fly Fishing Net

 Fly fishing can be full of fun especially when you know how to wear a fly fishing net. Setting up a fly fishing net is very crucial during fish catching and release. Maximum attention needs to be given when buying fly fishing nets in order to get a net that is well designed and strong material.

Whether you are doing professional fishing or simply for fun, having a quality net is essentially important in collecting fish and increasing the possibilities of getting trout. It's therefore important to know the right of putting on fly fishing nets before engaging in the actual exercise in order to avoid being stuck while in the middle of the work. Let's now have a quick guide that will enable you to wear the fly fishing net.  

 Fit a magnetic holder.   

This is essentially important when wearing a sling pack or fishing vest to load your gear. After wearing your fishing vest, attach one side of the magnetic net holder on to the ring of the best and the other on to the hook of your net.

 Additionally, you can attach it to the fishing net handle. There is an existing lanyard that joins the two magnets which help in keeping your net stationery and on top of the water in case it falls accidentally on water. This gear allows the net to have a quick tag that makes it easier to move and land your target. None the less, some nets employs the use of rubber straps instead of hooks in fit the net on the magnetic holder and the sling pack.

 However, magnetic holders allow the net to move freely on the back which means it can be pulled off by obstacles when sailing on fishing grounds. Fit a holster designed net holder. This a better equipment in fitting a fly fishing net to ensure its stability in case your fishing grounds have some trees.

First of all, grasp the bungee cord of your net that is usually fitted on the net handle and sling it over to your back. Loop the bungee on your wedding belt and fasten it properly. Let your holder net slide over the wading belt and then attach the adjustable strap on the nets handle. The strap is usually made of elastic nylons that securely holds the fishing net in place. It's advisable to pick a fly fishing net that has a long handle preferably 42 inches so that you can easily shove it between the net pack and the body.

Moreover, you can fit the medium sized key rings on the bag-shaped part of the fly fishing net and then attaching the magnet to it so that the handle can be suspended downwards freely. This allows you to quickly put the net down and also back in use without any difficulties. You can also use some clips to strongly attach the net to fishing vest or rather carry the net holders up in order to allow the back prevent it from snagging obstacles.

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