How to Make Wings for Fly Tying?

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Fly fishing is such a widespread activity that it is almost impossible to find natural flies for every angler. For this reason, artificial flies are made to compliment the natural flies. Every part (head, thorax, abdomen, legs, and wings) of the artificial fly must be designed to look exactly like a normal fly. Let's look at how to make wings for fly fishing. 

How to make wings using tape 

You'll need the following fly tying materials for this procedure: a piece of a plastic bag, iris foil, and straw of different colors.  
- Take a white paper and cut it into the right shape of the wing. Glue the cut piece onto another place, perhaps on black or dull cardboard. 
- Take a transparent tape. You'll use the tape to stick fibers correctly ate their place when you'll be creating wing veins.  
- Place the tape on top of the mold you created in the first step. Make sure that the sticky side of the tape faces upward.  
- As the tape is transparent, you can see both sides of the wing. So take the hackle fibers and place them on top of the glue side of the tape uniformly on both sides of the wing to look like typical wing veins. 
- The veining you've made using hackle fibers is now ready. You should be able to see equal results on both wings  
- You can use a marker to make spots and vein knots carefully on the veins 
- Now set the swiss straw on your tape (that you've already veined). Press it tightly against the tape and veins. Be sure not to make movements that will destroy the vein pattern you made.  
- To secure your wing so far, take another piece of the transparent tape and place it on top of the swiss straw. Press it hard to tighten it. 
- Take a marker and draw the lines of the edges of the wings keenly following the shape of the white paper mold underneath.  
- Take the tapes off the white mold now. Use a small pair of scissors to cut the wings along the lines you've made using a marker.  
- You have a perfect wing ready to be attached to your fly.  

How to make wings using tape- alternative II  

This method is a bit simpler but you cannot be very creative with it, unlike the first technique. For this procedure, you'll need an actual bird feather, glue, and transparent tape, and a source of heat.  
- Take the tape and place it upside down so that the sticky side faces upwards.  
- Place your feather on the tape and press it so that it sticks wholesomely on the tape. 
- Pour a little glue on the feather and spread it uniformly on the feather 
- Heat the upper side to allow the glue to dry. Don't use too much heat as it can burn the feather. Also, don't use direct flame.  
- The wing is already firmly stuck on the tape. Using scissors or a blade cut the wing into the shape you desire.
- If you want flat wings, you can use them as they are or if you want them facing upward, you can fold them from the center to form kind of a V shape.

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