How Much Do You Know About the Bamboo Fly Fishing Pole?

How Much Do You Know About the Bamboo Fly Fishing Pole?

Bamboo fly fishing pole has gained a lot of popularity from consumers. The standard fly fishing pole is the six-strip rod which was first created by Samuel Phillippe of Easton, Pennsylvania in 1845.

Brief Introduction

In 1950s, the bamboo fly rod experienced a tough time because of an embargo imposed to ban imports from China. Moreover, this prohibition cut off its resources of raw materials. However, the devoted craftsmen never give up making fishing tool and, surprisingly, more and more anglers are happy to seek to buy the traditional fly fishing rod in some time-honored shops.

Basic Steps

A variety of precise skills are needed during the process of making a bamboo fly fishing rod. The first step is to choose a culm of Tonkin cane which must be confirmed with some fundamental needs, including size, straightness and clean surface.

Next the rod maker uses some relating tools to split the culm into strips. The best strips will be chosen and set up. And then the rod maker uses heat and a vise to straighten the strips and flat the nodes to make sure the fly fishing pole will be beautiful.

Now it is time to shape the strips by bounding and heating so as to fit them together properly. Next it is the most crucial part of making a nice bamboo rod. The first thing is to put these strips in a planning form for shaping a proper taper. And then the rod maker will set the glue and heat blank sections to make a straight and perfect fly fishing pole. 

These are only some main steps of creating a bamboo fly fishing pole. We skipped some details so that you can understand this process more easily. Finally, we hope you can have a general idea of this precious craftsmanship by reading this passage

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