Fly Tying Tools Kit Gift Set with Box

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    5pcs/Set Well Made Fly Tying Tool Kit Whip Finisher Dubbing Needle Bobbins Fly Tying Fishing Tool

    It including: tying whip finisher FWF-small tying non skid hackle plier FHP tying bobbins FTB-S tying subbing needle FDN scissors AH 018

    The box can be reusable
    The must used essential tools for fly tying are all included. Contains a scissors, a bobbin, a whip 
    finisher, a hackle pliers and a bodkin. All of them are packed in a hard and thin reusable box that 
    can fit into your pocket very easily. Especially very cool and convenient for any travelling fisher. 

    We specialize in Fly Fishing, welcome to view other fly fishing tackle in our store 

    Note:the whip finisher doesn't fit the box

    Fly tying tool kit TYK01
    Dubbing Needle fly tying
    scissors AH 018
    Bobbins FTB-S fly tying
    Non skid hackle fly tying FHP
    Whip finisher FWF

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