Ultra-lite Fly Rod for Streams Panfish/Trout Fishing

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    Maxcatch Ultra-lite Fly Rod and Reel Combo for Streams Panfish/Trout Fishing 2/3 weight

    You will get:

    · 1 x Ultra Lite Fly Fishing Rod

    · 1 x ECO 3/4wt Fly Fishing Reel with Line(fly line, backing line and leader)
    · 1 x Waterproof Fly Box with 12pcs Flies
    · 1 x Rod Case 

     Fly rod:

     Just like it’s name This Maxcatch “Light” Fly fishing rod is perfect for the smallest of streams and the most confined conditions 
    (Such as Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies and high mountain rivers)
    This is not the place for the "big guns." This is the realm of accuracy, delicacy, finesse. in this case, the smaller, the lighter ,the better
    With Graphite IM10(36T carbon fiber) blanks, hard chrome guides, come with a cordura rod tube and cloth bag for protection. 
    this is the rod for your small–stream adventures.
    Warning :
    Weight Fly Rods are highly specialized tools
    --  They don’t perform well with any appreciable wind
    -- They don’t cast big flies ,with a rough upper limit of a size12(so long as it’s not too air resistant).
    -- They’re dangerous when pitted against large fish because they may prompt overplaying that physically damaged the animal.

    Fly reel:
    Right or Left-Handed can be retrieved
    1.  Release the spool from the reel frame.
    2.  And then you can find a white one way bearing under a spring clip in the center of the spool.
    3.  Take out the spring clip and the one way bearing.
    4.  Reverse load the one way bearing into the spool.
    5.  Put on the spring clip.
    6.  Over.
    Warning: This reel is designed for Clearwater , After usage in saltwater, please open and clean the reel. or the one-way bearing maybe corroded.

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