What is the Difference Between a Switch Rod and a Spey Rod?

Spey rods are meant to be cast exclusively with two hands. Assuming you are right-handed, the long fore grip is delicately held by the right hand while the left hand provides movement of the rod and power. There is no aerialized, overhead cast. Bend and power is provided by anchoring the leader/fly in the water, forming a D-loop, then shooting spey line and running line at a target with a forward cast.

A switch rod is a style of fly rod. It is a cross between a single-handed fly rod and a two-handed Spey rod. It is a very versatile rod and worth considering for your next rod. You can cast them overhead using one hand or you can use the bottom handle with your other hand to do different Spey casts (think fancy roll casts).

Switch rods are usually between 10 and 12 feet long. They have a top handle about 1-1/2 times longer than a normal single-handed rod and a short 4-inch handle below the reel. This lower handle is used when a two-hand cast is needed.

For too long has Spey casting been out of reach for the average fly angler. Expensive materials and costly manufacturing processes have relegated this majestic fly fishing form to be but a footnote in fly fishing history. Recently, however, things have started to change.

Spey casting has witnessed somewhat of renaissance in recent years thanks to the  introduction of new, high-tech materials that have allowed for the creation of stronger, more lightweight Spey rods and lines.

Have a taste of this exclusive and historic form of fly fishing thanks to our collection of Spey and Switch rods. Once you’ve felt the slender, shapely curves of our Spey rods and experienced the convenience of our interchangeable Switch rods, you'll never again be able to return to the world of normal fly fishing.

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