Saltwater fly fishing is quickly gaining popularity, with some 30 million Americans living in coastal areas and the draw of spectacular saltwater destinations like Belize and Christmas Island. Additionally, species like bonefish, redfish, stripers, blues, tarpon and others also lure fly anglers to the seas.

Equipment needs can greatly vary depending on the fish species, location and climate. Let us help with recommendations and advice to finding the basics you need to get started. For newcomers to the sport, it comes down to choosing the most versatile equipment until you find a niche you enjoy the most.

So, you’ve conquered the raging rivers and fast-flowing mountain streams that exemplify the freshwater fly fishing scene. What now?

Well, why not take a leap of faith and enhance your fly fishing lifestyle by embracing the final frontier: saltwater fly fishing.

From spotted sea trout and tuna to sailfish and giant trevally, by embarking on the path of saltwater fly fishing, you’ll open a whole new world of memorable experiences.

As with all types of fly-fishing, saltwater reels need to be matched to both the rod and line. Basic considerations when buying a saltwater fly reel include the material and construction, drag system and arbor size.

Our saltwater fly rods are the ideal instruments to usher in this new chapter of your fly fishing life. Each rod has been developed using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes, all to ensure you are getting the ultimate fly fishing experience, wherever you may be.

Predator Saltwater Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod
SALTWATER and FRESHWATER PREDATOR – Designed for the saltwater fishing and also for castin..
$72.00 $109.99
Saltpro Professional Saltwater IM10 Fast Action Fly Rod
The saltwater game changerFully Saltwater SafeSALTWATER BIG GAME ROD with EXTRA POWER and ..
$88.00 $159.00
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