Want to jump into the world of fly fishing?

Setting yourself up as a new fly fisherman is no small task, it’s an equipment intensive hobby that requires purchasing some new gear as well as a lot of dedication and willingness to learn. If you’re totally new to the sport or if you’ve never owned your own gear and want to get started for real, purchasing a fly fishing starter kit is a great affordable way to dive in!

So, you’ve decided to embracethe fly fishing lifestyle, eager to satisfy your desire to be at one withnature, just you and the rod, surrounded by the untamed beauty of nature. But what rod should you choose?

There are so many to choose from; it can be overwhelming for a novice. All of those weight numbers and technical specifications become nothing more than a tiresome blur for the uninitiated mind.

We recommend a moderate-fast action or moderate action rod for beginners. Fast action rods are stiff and designed for casting into the wind and battling stronger fish while slow action rods are more flexy and therefore accurate at close range and great for delicately fishing dry flies and nymphs. Buying something in between to start off is a good way to get the hang of both styles of casting and gives you a versatile fly rod capable of several fishing styles.

We here at Maxcatch understand just how difficult it can be for a beginner preparing to embark on their first fly fishing adventure, which is why we have compiled a collection of high-quality rods that are specially designed for first-time anglers.

Premier Carbon Fiber Fast Action Fly Rod
DESIGNED for a WORKING HORSE - We want to make a durable rod that can withstand very hard ..
$52.00 $99.00
V-access Fast Action New Starter Rod
3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12 Fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod Fast Action With Cordura Tube Carbon F..
$53.00 $69.99
Extreme All Purpose IM8 New Starter Fly Rod
Packed with a free fly fishing weight forward line. A fast action fly fishing rod. Ea..
$38.00 $69.99
Army Green V-explorer Fly Fishing Rod 9FT 4PCS SK Carbon Fiber Fly Rod
SK carbon fiber blank construction for unparalleled strength4-piece design for added fle..
$99,999.00 $59.99
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