Fiberglass fly rods provide the fly angler with great versatility and durability. Fiberglass is an excellent choice if you are looking for superior rod flex, soft tip, and excellent accuracy.

For saltwater fly fishing the fiberglass rod can have a fast action to beat the wind and heavy-duty power to handle the large fish like tarpon, tuna, and billfish.

Whether you require delicate casts on small clear streams or a fast action power rod, fiberglass can deliver the goods.

The classic slow action of a fiberglass rod really helps you feel your casts. You sense the rod loading and unloading the line, which will help you develop a good stroke. And that's exactly what all anglers should work on, especially beginners.

The fiberglass fly rod is the perfect companion for any self-respecting angler who’s looking for unparalleled durability from their fly rod.

While the slender frame and curves of our fiberglass rods might suggest fragility, due to unique properties of the material, our fiberglass rods our incredibly flexible and resistant, meaning that they can endure hardships that even equivalent carbon fiber fly rods cannot endure.

All of our fiberglass rods are neatly encased within a high-durable Cordura rod tube, ensuring that your rod remains is pristine condition to matter the circumstances.

Unic Fiberglass Fast Action Carbon Glass Blank Fly Rod
Unic Fiberglass 3/4/5wt Fly Fishing Rod 7/8/8.6ft Fast Action Carbon Glass Blank Fly Rod P..
$82.00 $180.00
Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod
Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod S-glass E-glass Medium ActionONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTim..
$62.00 $99.00
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