The Best Bamboo Fly Rod

Fly fishing is a unique technique, which can be enjoyed by beginner or expert fishermen. But what do fly fishing and bamboo have in common? With every fishing trip you need the best gear and tackle. A top rated bamboo fly fishing rod makes for great gear because it is eco-friendly, organic, strong, and accurate.

If you haven’t fished with a bamboo fly rod, then you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. Isn’t bamboo old technology, something to hang on the wall and admire but they certainly can’t complete with today’s modern graphite rods, can they? Don’t you need special lines with bamboo? Aren’t they made for fly fishing snobs to impress their buddies? Besides aren’t bamboo rods too delicate, too heavy, too expensive, too slow.

One cannot help but be in awe of the flawless craftsmanship that goes into creating the traditional split-cane bamboo fly rod. Enveloped in a cloud of mystique that inspires wonderment in all who lay eyes upon its slender frame, the bamboo fly rod is a marvel of traditional artistic beauty and craftsmanship that represents an immortal enshrinement to the genesis of the modern fly fishing rod.

Recapture the essence of a bygone era with our selection of handcrafted bamboo fly rods, hewn from authentic Japanese bamboo and neatly packaged inside a braided bamboo rod tube.

We want to help you find the best bamboo fly fishing rod that you’ll enjoy taking on every trip to the river. Our bamboo fly rods are the ultimate expression of the fly fishing lifestyle - perfect for those seeking to add a coveted crown jewel to their already impressive fly tackle collection.

Bamboo fly rod 7652 double tip
 Every bamboo fly rod is different.It has the best Quality and very unique in our wor..
$199.00 $599.00
Bamboo fly rod 9093 double tip
Every bamboo fly rod is different.It has the best Quality and very unique in our world.If ..
$350.00 $499.00
Split-cane Bamboo 8FT 6WT Fly Fishing Rod Unique Hand Made Rod
Maxcatch responsible for the best clear bamboo material in Japan.Design for professional B..
$399.99 $1,099.99
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