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Relive the glory days of years gone by with our selection of traditional clicker reels that are specially-designed to recapture the classic look and feel of the very best reels from yesteryear.

Strong, lightweight, and timelessly beautiful, our Maxcatch classic reels offer a wondrous combination of high-tech materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and classic styling and functionality to create a selection of reels that reignite within you those childhood memories of your very first fly fishing experience.

All of our classic-style fly reels come with a lifetime warranty.

Classsic Disc Drag System CNC Machine Cut Aluminum Fly Reel(10 years warranty)
Super strong CLA disc drag system can withstand even the mightiest of fishCNC-machined f..
$122.00 $319.99
Orders (66)
SA Clicker Fly Fishing Reel Machine Cut Clicker Fly Reel
SAGE Clicker Fly Fishing Reel Machine Cut Clicker Fly Reel1. CNC machine cut2. Made of fin..
$93.99 $119.99
Orders (42)
New Clicker and Pawl Trout Sliver Aluminum Classic Trout Fly Fishing Reel
1.Small delicate trout requires small delicate reel and rod. this one is born for bro..
$69.99 $99.99
Orders (61)
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