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Our die-cast aluminum fly reels are ideal for aspiring anglers seeking to embrace the amazing fly fishing lifestyle.

Intuitively-designed so that new anglers can easily grasp the fundamental fly fishing techniques, our die-cast aluminum reels are incredibly versatile, meaning that you can instantly head out into the wild green yonder to catch all manner of fish species, from trout and grayling to salmon and smallmouth bass.

All of our die-cast aluminum fly reels come with a 1-year warranty.

Cassette Fly Reel With 3 Extra Cassette Spools Fly Reel Combo
Multi-disc cork & stainless-steel drag systemLarge arbor design for rapid line retrie..
$78.99 $129.99
Orders (22)
DX Black Right&Left-handed Fly Fishing Reel 5/6 7/8WT
1.Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity.2.Constructed with a narrow ..
$35.00 $49.99
Orders (100)
ECO Fly Reel Pre-spooled with Floating Fly Line Backing Line Leader
Large arbor design for rapid line retrievalRugged disc drag for putting serious pressure o..
$28.99 $42.99
Orders (113)
Tino Handed Die-casting Aluminum Black Fly Fishing Reel
Maxcatch “Tino” Fly Fishing Reel 5/6WT Black AluminumOur “Tino” fly reel is designed for a..
$25.99 $29.99
Orders (36)
ECO CNC Black Large Arbor Fly Reel
Maximumcatch ECO Fly Fishing Reel 3/4 5/6 7/8WT Large Arbor Aluminum Fly Reel..
$18.00 $31.99
Orders (98)
High Quality ECO 3/4 5/6 7/8WT Fly Reel Large Arbor Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel with Reel Bag
1.Aluminum frame and spool2.Non-polar reactionary one-way ball bearing design3.Advanced Te..
$19.99 $36.99
Orders (131)
ECO Fly Reel Large Arbor Die-cast Aluminum Body
● One-Year Warranty! Your reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve. To conv..
$18.00 $29.99
Orders (163)
High Quality Fly Fishing Reel Right or Left Hand Can Be Changed Die Casting Fly Reel
High Quality Fly Fishing Reel WT Right or Left Hand Can Be Changed Die Casting Fly ReelAdv..
$17.99 $29.99
Orders (57)
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