Beginners to fly tying are often surprised to learn that the term “fly” is mainly generic. While some fly fishing starter flies do resemble flying insects, other beginner flies are designed to mimic the appearance and motion of fish food like baitfish, leeches, worms, crustaceans and scuds.

Most fly anglers hit a point in their fishing career when they think about tying their own flies. There’s an entirely new level of satisfaction from catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself.

Ideal for beginners, these beginner flies are cost effective and easy to use, allowing you to develop and hone your fly fishing skills without the fear of breaking the bank.

All of our beginner flies come with a warranty that covers any damages incurred during the shipping process. 

12 Pieces Dry Flies Economic Fly Selection Fly Fishing Lures
·         Carbon and steel construction· &n..
$2.99 $7.99
12Pcs Dry Flies Fly Fishing Flies Set With a Box Trout Fly Flies
·         Waterproof plastic fly box·  ..
$4.99 $6.10
Mixed Dry Flies Pack/set Feather Bait Hook Fly Flies Fish Hook Lures Fishing Flies
Maxcatch 24Pieces Mixed Dry Flies Pack/set Feather Bait Hook Dry Flies Fish Hook Lure..
$5.00 $8.99
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