Fly Fishing For Musky

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Fly Fishing For Musky

Massive, aggressive, violent. All those adjectives can describe the Musky behavior when it comes to fish it. Proper gears and a bit of experience are necessary before going to fly fish this species, which is definitely not an easy task.

It’s not particularly difficult to anticipate muskies behavior, some old anglers can even target them from their boat before bringing them on it. Similar to the trouts, muskies tend to be in deep holes, eddies, slow seams, and also current breaks, for river fishing, they tend to be less reactive in still water.

1. Patience
Muskies are used to go back around the same spots, one failure is not definitive, even if the fish followed your fly for a long distance. This advise is especially true for lake’s musky. Try again and wait for it, it will come.

2. Vibrations
Look for flies with bucktails to shake water around it, muskies in lake will analyzed the food first, keep moving a bit your fly during pauses will also attract them, to imitate what we can call a breath, it could drive directly to a strike.

3. Eye contact with the fish
Instead of your fly, keep a view few feet behind it, a musky who is ready to jump on it will track it from behind, if you see the fish you can adapt to it and then optimize your chance to get a bit.

4. Different depths
By covering different depths, vary between shallow and deeper weeds, a lot of muskies are trapped during this transition.

5. Find spots with tall weeds
Muskies love living around tall weeds, there is the ideal place to caught them because they are first attract by forage fish, which are themselves attracted by tall weeds, looking for  forage fish, the musky could easily been caught with your fly.

To fly fish for Musky, you need a solid rod which can handle a big fish like this :



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