Fly Fishing Gear Checklist

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Fly Fishing Gear Checklist

Not like a fly fishing beginner, who is prone to be at a loss as to buy fly fishing gear for a novice, a fly fishing angler with experience is probably anxious about packing well for a perfect trip, because there are many more choices comparing with gears for beginners. Well, here's a suggested fly fishing gear list composing by four categories. Are you ready for this checklist which can save your concern and anxiety? There we go.

Category 1: Necessary gears for fly fishing

When you're going to pack for fly fishing, remember to choose something essential and suitable for your target species. In short, they are as follows: fly rods, reels, line, leaders, tippets, flies, fly floatant and fly boxes.

Category 2: Fly fishing clothing

Appropriate apparel will help you adapt to the new environment quickly. You can refer to outdoor clothing to choose your fly fishing clothing with additional attention to wading. They are in general as follows: fully rainproof rain jacket, casual shirts, and blue jeans, sandals for float fishing., waders and wading boots. Remember that the clothing made of quick-drying synthetic materials is best for both outer garments and undergarments. 

Category 3: Fly fishing protective stuff

For outdoor activities like fly fishing, protective stuff plays a vital role in coping with adverse weather and emergencies, like blinding sunshine, uncertain water condition, mosquito bites and so on. Make sure you carry follow stuff before going out: polarized sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher, insect repellant and spare corrective eyewear or glasses.

Category 4: Other personal stuff and stuff for pastime

Expect for clothing and protective stuff, personal hygiene supplies, like toothbrush and shaving kit, are also your fly fishing necessities, especially when you do fly fishing outdoors for days. At the same time, stuff for pastime may be the last thing you want to give up because they can relieve the boredom caused by waiting for a long time. You can carry your favorite reading materials, camera, and compact binoculars to kill time.

Even with all the fly fishing gears prepared well, you can't jump to the conclusion that you'll have a perfect fly fishing trip for certain. In fact, like all other sports, what really counts is your practice, patience, and persistence. Ok, organize your gears and mood before you set out and wish you can enjoy your fly fishing trip!

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