Xplorer fly fishing rods

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Xplorer fly fishing rods.

Xplorer fly fishing rods are among the most reliable fishing kits available in the market today. Xplorer has a wide variety of fly rods that fall in different categories, all of which are meant to meet the needs of both the beginning and experienced anglers.

Xplorer is a renowned chief manufacturer and distributor of various fly tackles in South Africa and the whole world due to the quality of its products.

Since it's establishment in the year 1996, Xplorer has emerged to best brand of various fly tackles that are dependable and efficient for its purpose.

Good enough, all Xplorer fishing kits are manufactured explicitly by its professional experts who have been taking part in these fishing activities for many years, meaning they have diverse knowledge in this field.

Their products are usually tested before they are taken to the market, meaning that these gears are always set and ready to meet your needs.

Xplorer fly rods are some of its products that have been gaining a lot of trust and interest from many anglers die to their overwhelming fishing abilities.

Being one of the leading fishing kits, these fly rods have been designed and equipped with useful features that will ensure you enjoy casting.

Different people pursue this fishing activity according to their interests. Some are taking part in it for sporting purposes while others have taken it as their career and are earning a living from it.

It's, therefore, necessary for such people to get quality fly rods that will ensure they enjoy touring various fishing zones and making great catches. Xplorer Fly rods are here to fulfill the desires of every angler so that they can benefit from what they are doing.

The general features of Xplorer fly rods.

Before buying fly rods, it's good for an angler to have a clear picture of what they should expect to get after acquiring these gears.

First and foremost, if you had been missing the beauty of fast action rods, then Xplorer rods are what need. Fly fishing can be an exciting activity when casting becomes more comfortable and fast. These rods are versatile and quick when it comes to casting.

You can easily enjoy various casting techniques such as backcasting, forward casting, and overhead cast even if you are a learner. 

Secondly, these rods are super light in weight. Anglers participating in various activities love light rods that will ensure they fully engage in serious fishing or even sporting activities. No one likes bulky rods that will inconvenience an anglers' casting precision. 

Xplorer provides you with light rods that will ensure you spend the whole day in fishing without feeling any fatigue that usually happens when carrying heavy rods.

Anglers should expect such kinds of rods from Xplorer since they strictly adhere to the manufacturing standards of fly fishing gears.

Xplorer fly rods.

There is a wide variety of Xplorer rods that are designed for specific purposes. They come in different colours, sizes, and weights, but the choice of every instrument relies on the anglers' preference.

Xplorer pro-cast 2 rods.

These are great kits for novice anglers who are eager to learn quickly. They are moderately fast in action rods for providing beginning fishers with suitable casting techniques. 

Xplorer features these rods in reels which are usually contained in Cordura rod tubes that marches perfectly with their casting abilities so that the angler will not spend much time in researching for reels that suit these rods.

Their grip handles are made of cork that make them soft to touch. They contain snake and stripping guides that are made of chrome, which amplifies its visibility.

Its aluminum reel seats can be locked upwards this enhancing the casting efficiency.

Good enough, you have an option of buying these rods with a whole combo or alone. Consider buying them as a whole so because it's much easier to work with already set tools that match in weight and size.

These kits also come with spare rods that are ready to help you during emergencies.

Loop Q Series rods.

This is another unique fly rod having user-friendly interaction that facilitates east casting.

There are seven models of the single-handed design and two models that are double-handed. 

These models are highly optimized for tackling various fly roles without hindrances.

It's finished with an excellent and ordinary grey colour, an all-round colour that suits many outfits.

It's a very responsive gear that feels light in the hands.

Xplorer T50 rods.

These are premium rods that have been built by the top quality materials and made in unique designs. It's a lightweight rod that is and of Japanese carbon fibres that make this rod strong.

Their tips are ultrafast in action and come in four pieces. It's classic in appearance due to its dark brown finish which blended with gold thread wraps.

It also contains varied Alps stripper guides that are applicable in saltwater and additional Alps light wire which guides in freshwater models.

Their reel seats are anodized and made of aluminum, which makes them perfect for saltwater fishing. They are also equipped with natural burl inserts that are suitable for freshwater activities. 

Additionally, they are made of grade 3A grip corks that are much comfortable to touch.

Explorer voyage fly rods.

These are fast and moderate fly rods that come in different lengths with the latest one having six models which are 3,4,5,6,7 and 9 wt. 

It also contains two models for catching nymph having 4 and 5WTs. 

The rods are made of high-quality graphite, which increases the sensitivity and speed of the rod. It's finished with a matt black colour which lowers the glittering nature of the rod. 

The width indicator of the line is printed on to the reels' seat for enabling the angler to choose a specific line that matches the rod.

These rods are usually packed in black Cordura tubes that provide them safety.

In general, Xplorer fly rods provide a suitable balance between performance, affordability, and quality. Therefore, maximize your fishing potentials with these fly rods.

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