Why Not Having Lewis River Fly Fishing?

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Lewis River fly fishing is often overlooked by fly anglers although it is located in the southern portion of Yellowstone Park. In Yellowstone Park, most fishing is concentrated on the northern and western parts of the park. After reading this passage, I believe that you will know more about pleasure fly fishing in Lewis River.

About Lewis River

Lewis River starts in Shoshone Lake that is the largest lake there and then flows into Lewis Lake in Yellowstone Park. Before it plunges into a deep canyon, the river flows flatly. Although Lewis River is not a popular fly fishing destination, it can provide an intriguing choice to anglers.

Fly fishing here

Lewis River, as a fishery, has various incarnations. The channel lying between Shoshone Lake and Lewis Lake is a perfect fly fishing place in the late autumn when large trout migrate into the channel for spawning. These trouts can run sixteen to twenty on average. 

Also, the meadow stretch below Lewis Lake is preferred by both brown and brook trout. In this stretch, there are not much fish but the brown trout can reach great sizes while the brooks are small. So what time is the best to fish here? Actually July is the best season to fly fish here because it's time for mayflies to hatch. 

If you want to fly fish in the Channel which is a several miles stretches on Lewis's way to Lewis Lake, the late fall will be a good time. The late fall is also very close to the Yellowstone Park fishing season because there are few resident fish and fishes run here for spawning in the late fall. But fly anglers should bear in mind that they can not step on any redds and target any fish which are on redds or paired up with other fish actively.

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