Why Is It Called Fly Fishing?

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Why Is It Called Fly Fishing? Have you ever heard of fly fishing? You know the practice if you love catching fish. It is a type of fishing which involves the use of flies to lure fish. The main reason it is referred to as fly fishing is the fact that it uses flies to lure fish. The fly rod allows the fisherman to cast the fly in a manner that mimics a real flying insect.

 Fish feed on invertebrates of different types. In a fly fishing adventure, you use the flies as baits to catch fish. The fact that the fishing method uses flying insects to catch fish and the rod used makes the flies fly, it is referred to as fly fishing. You basically use flies of different types to catch fish hence the name fly fishing.   

Why is it called fly fishing? Here are the reasons:  

Catches fish using flies  

In other methods of fishing you will catch fish using other baits. With fly fishing, you only use flies of different types to catch fish. The artificial flies are designed in such a way they can float hence attract fish to the surface or they can have special weight to make them sink so that fish can be attracted to them as baits. There is a wide range of artificial flies you can use to catch the fish. It is upon you to study the type of fish available in your given water before you proceed to buy the baits.  

The fly fishing method can be carried out both in fresh and salt water. You will need special gear to stay comfortable as you catch fish. For instance, you may have to buy waders among other tools which you can apply to catch the fish. The different accessories you need aim at improving your fishing adventure. It is not easy to fly fish, you need to practice and master the tactics well before you proceed to catch fish.  

Uses a fly rod  

The fly rod in most cases is made out of plastic but it is heavy enough to send the fly baits on air until they land on the water as a way of attracting fish. The rod has a special design to keep the fly on the air as you cast it. It is different from other types of rods. The special design of the rod which keeps the bait flying makes the fishing practice stand out from the rest.  

Uses a fly line  

The fly line has a special design to keep the bait flying. Remember in fly fishing you will use flies of different shapes and types. If you prefer flies which swim, then the fly line will allow them to mimic the swimming position so that the fish can be convinced they are real flies for it to swallow so that you can catch it. There are different types of fish which feed on flies. Provided the given type of fish you are about to catch feeds on flies, you can easily attract it to the bait so that you can catch it. It is a fun way of catching fish.

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