Which are the 5 best fly fishing spots in Utah

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Having been brought up in Utah with my parents being fly fishermen, the best fly fishing spots in Utah are definitely at my fingertips. Although my father always told me that fishing spots must remain a secret, I’m willing to share the secret because after all he also shared it with me. 

There are thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams all combined in Utah that have too much to offer to fly fishers. Given the great variety, it might be difficult to know where to find the best catch. Good fly fishing spots are many in Utah but as always, we have the best of the best. That’s why I’m writing to tell you the top 5 best fly fishing spots from experience. 

Ostler Lake 

It’s unbelievable how I’m sharing my favorite fly fishing spot just too openly. Having visited too many fly fishing spots in Utah, the Ostler Lake would probably carry the trophy. 

The lake is small unlike many other lakes, but the number of tiger trout and cutthroat trout doesn’t match its size. With just a simple cast, you’d not miss catching one of the two common species. Thanks to the huge population of the fish because competition for food is equally high and so no chance of missing a catch.

In Ostler, the trout are always on the move to catch any prey that comes to their site. While casting you can enjoy watching the racing fish because the lake’s water is crystal clear. 

The green river

Lend me your ear, I mean eyes, whether or not you’ve probably heard of the name green river. If you heard of it and you can’t recall the context in which the name was mentioned, it must have been something to do with fishing. 

From the mountains of Wyoming runs the green river down till it enters the Colorado River. This river is marked by the trout varieties available in it. The brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout have a comfortable time living in the green river. 

Fishing the green river is not only fun but a successful adventure. Everyone, even the beginner fly fisher will walk home head high with a good catch from this river. What’s even more interesting is the region below the river; the flaming gorge. 

Flaming Gorge

Talking of Stillwater fisheries, the flaming gorge probably happens to top the list. The cold water of the flaming gorge comes from the green river. 

Just like the mother source, the flaming gorge has a dense population of the rainbow trout. The kokanee salmon species have no better habitat than the flaming gorge. You’ll also find smallmouth bass and lake trout in fair numbers. 

So how do you fish this gorge? Well, you can fish from the shore or you could probably ride a boat and access the entire section of the flaming gorge. 

Ogden River

Basically, the Ogden River is divided into three sections: the upper section, the city section, and the lower section. Both the upper and lower sections offer great fishing opportunities for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and brown trout. 

The better part of the upper Ogden is privately owned thus you must acquire permission from the forest service campgrounds. If this is the case, why wouldn’t you consider fishing the lower section that has no restrictions?

Fishing the Ogden would make no memories if you failed to visit the city section. Just below the Pineview reservoir, the city section is home to a variety of fish species including the carp, the Tiger Muskie, bullhead catfish, perch, smallmouth and bigmouth bass, brown trout, and rainbow trout. 

Logan River

Along Idaho, border flows the Logan River that has the most trout. Though small, the Logan River has something for every fly fisherman, being the home to an overwhelming number of the cutthroat trout and brown trout. Seems like these species must be overstuffed in there but none cares as long as their basic need (food of course) is met. 

Note that no bait is allowed in Logan but an adequate share of flies would go a long way. Different flies hatch during different seasons so always try to match the fly to the season for best results. 

During the summer season, the Elk Hair Caddis hatch and so you consider it as the best choice of the season.

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