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Are you wondering where to buy used fly fishing gear? If you are a sports fishing enthusiast, pro or newcomer to angling sourcing the very best in equipment will certainly enhance your performance and enjoyment of the sport. As with most hobbies, fly fishing will take up not only a lot of your time and heart but also your cash. With so many components and consumables costs can mount up and assembling even the simplest complete fly fishing kit can set you back by hundreds of dollars.  

If you are looking to save money on fly fishing gear it is well worth looking into the second-hand or 'pre-loved' marketplace to see if you can obtain good quality used fly fishing equipment.  

Why buy second used fly fishing gear?  

*Firstly why not? 

Fishing tackle can be costly and with new innovative designs and products continually hitting the market, pricing can seem beyond the reach of many. Looking for great second hand fly fishing gear can provide the functionality that you need without overspend on the latest technology. In addition:  *Second hand fly fishing tackle is great for those starting out in fly fishing. If you are new to fly fishing you may not want to take the plunge and buy the full range of equipment new until you gain some experience and confidence in this form of angling.  

*Save money with used fly fishing gear. Pre-loved fly fishing tackle is going to be cheaper than the brand new equivalents. Purchasing second-hand gear provides the opportunity to get a complete kit and potentially source better quality items for your budget.   

*Find niche or collector's items. Pros and enthusiasts may have specific items to find which are no-longer manufactured or collectables. Many scour consignments and classified for unusual flies and lures to add to the collection.  Where can I buy second-hand fly fishing gear?  If you are looking for where to buy used fly fishing gear, there are so many options for those looking to find a great deal. Try these: 

 -Word of mouth: If you know some local anglers simply enquire. Join an angling group and ask around. You may be surprised how much your fellow fly fishers want to unload. Often if people do not have what you need they may know someone who does.  

-Forums and notice boards: Anglers who are selling used rods, surplus line and other necessities may post ads both on or offline. Also look in the ad section of your favourite angling magazines.   

-Tackle shops: These often carry some used or ex-display stock that you can obtain for a competitive price. Online specialist fly fishing retailers may carry some high quality pre-used fly fishing gear for a great price.  

-General classified ads. Craigslist and other local or regional classified may carry some listings for fly fishing gear and are well worth a look.      

Additional pointers for buying used fly fishing gear   Buying used tackle offers the opportunity for some great deals but you may not end up with what you were looking for. This is, of course, a net loss of money.  

 Be careful and examine and get as much information as possible about the fly fishing equipment you are going to purchase before parting with cash. Don't compromise on what you need, cobbling together a fly fishing kit from inappropriate pieces, be discerning and look for good quality fishing gear made from quality materials which have not been overused and spent.   

If in doubt it is probably worth the investment of purchasing your fly fishing gear from a good specialist retailer.

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