What's the Flytek Fly Fishing Company and Its Products?

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Flytek fly fishing is a company dedicated to providing high-quality fly fishing-relevant products. You may have heard about this company or did not know it at all before. We have collected some information to help you have a general understanding of the company including an overall introduction and the merchandise available to consumers in its online store. 

Overall introduction

This is a private limited company, having registered in the UK. The company was founded in 2017, with a relatively short history compared to some of its competitors. Headquartered in Manchester, its official website is www.flytek.uk. The main business of the company is the retail of sporting and recreational equipment. Its delivery of products is available throughout the UK. 

On merchandise

There are mainly four categories on its official website: vices and tools, hooks, materials, and accessories. You can click on these options to look for the fly fishing products you want. You can also search for products according to different brands. 

Flytek, Petitjean, and Rite Bobbins are the main brands of vices and tools. Individual tools are divided into Bobbin Holders, Dubbing Needles, Hackle Pliers, Loop Clamps, Magic Tools, Scissors, Twisters, and so on. 

The brands of hooks include FlyTek, Sprite, and Varivas. Sprite and Varivas hooks are mainly for freshwater fly fishing. You can choose from such Sprite hooks as all-purpose wet, dry, grub, and nymph as well as the heavy match grub. The cost of these products is less than 5 pounds. Varivas, a Japanese brand, offers more choices of which each price is also less than 5 pounds.

According to the classification of materials, beads, feathers, synthetic fibers, hair, and fur as well as tube and cones are used to make various products. Each category can be further divided into specific products. For instance, mallard’s, peacock’s, and turkey’s feathers are included. You can purchase these materials in the store for decorating your fly fishing gears or using them for other purposes. 

The main brands of the materials Flytek fly fishing sells are Bennechi, Enrico Puglisi,

FlyTek, Ice Du, Petitjean, Polish Quills, and Superfine Dubbing. We have also collected some information about these fly fishing brands so that you can have a better understanding. 

Polish Quills supplies the materials of fly tying, offering high-quality barbless flies. The products of the brand go through careful manufacturing, aiming to satisfy the demands of fly fishing anglers. 

Enrico Puglisi provides fly fishing flies for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Fly tying materials and accessories are also available for consumers. It also specializes in providing trout flies. 

Petitjean is a famous fly fishing equipment brand as well, giving fly tying materials and other fly fishing equipment. As a Swiss brand, it also provides deliveries in other countries. 

For accessories, currently, only the products of the brand Petitjean in the store can be found. The accessories are classified into floatant and fly drying, leaders and tippet, and others. Other products include silk line drying, stands, and clips. 

You may be confused with some of these products. We introduce some as follows:

The floatant is designed to prevent the dry flies from water absorption so that the flies can keep floating on the water surface. It can maintain the effects of flies to catch the attention of fish. 

Then what is a leader? The leader is the material that links the fly line with the fly to help you better catch the fish. Leaders have various types. There are one-piece leaders or leaders made by combining shorter ones. 

As for the tippet, it is connected with the leader. Located at the end of a leader, it is usually the thinnest part. Both leaders and tippets have different sizes measured in Xs. The higher the number, the lighter and thinner the materials. 

More information on the company

The Flytek fly fishing company has its accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in its products and want to know more information about the price, functions, and delivery, you can search for more photos and descriptions on its official website and accounts. You can also call the company phone number: 0333 050 1673 to give your feedback and suggestions.

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