What You Should Know about Wet Fly Fishing Tips?

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If you're new to fly fishing, then you should try wet fly fishing. This fishing method is easy to learn and that's why it's perfect for beginners. If you don't know how to get started, then this article will show you the way. Here, you'll find tips on how to be effective at wet fly fishing. 

An old method

For many new anglers, wet fly fishing is seen as something of an old school method. It has taken a backseat to more popular methods such as dry fly fishing and nymph fishing. It is an old method indeed but it doesn't mean that it's not effective anymore. Some new anglers simply abandoned it because the newer techniques are more attractive to them. They feel like if they do wet fly fishing then they're doing the method that their dad and grandad are doing. So for them, it's not cool.

But if you can get past the idea that the old school is inferior and give the old method a chance, then your experience with fly fishing might change. You may just see yourself catching more fish than before. If you'll try to. Regardless of your skill and experience in fly fishing, you'll find that the wet method is very easy to learn. In fact, if you'll try out the tips mentioned in this article, you'll surely catch some fish immediately. For one, the wey method is an excellent way to catch trout.

Fishing gear 

You need to have the right fly fishing gear for wet fly fishing. The good news is, the gear setup needed for the wet method is very simple. The reason why you don't need a lot of gear is because of the fact that the wet fly swing is so simple. And this is the reason why the wet method is perfect for beginners. In this method, you won't be needing large indicators or weight. You also don't have to worry about getting a dry fly floatant. As far as the rod is concerned, you can go with a 9 foot 5 or 6 weight with a 9-foot leader. You can adjust your rod weight depending on the type of fish you want to catch.

The wet fly swing

Now let's talk about the technique used in this method, which is the wet fly swing. In this technique, you will need to swing your fly across the water in a methodical way so you can cover all of the water. This is a very effective method if you have no idea where the fish are in a run. You need to start close to be able to cover the water. When you cast, you need to make it out and downstream at an angle of 45 degrees. After casting, you need to mend the line in order to decrease the drag and the line speed. 

More tips

Here are more tips to succeed in wet fly fishing. You should keep your rod tip low and then follow your fly across the swing. If you're trying to catch a large fish then you need to use a shock loop. You can also use a double fly set up to increase your chances of catching fish.

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