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Hush Fly Fishing is a fly fishing company based in Mystic, Connecticut. To learn about the company, you need to know it's founder, Ryan Sansoucy. Ryan was born in 1980 and he started to fish at the young age of 9 years old. But when he became a teenager, Ryan got into other hobbies. He started dabbling into extreme sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, bodyboarding, mountain biking, and inline skating. He even got into mixed martial arts. Indeed, Ryan is an adventure-seeker even at a very young age. He likes to lead an exciting life but his love for fishing didn't die. Fishing is something that he comes back to again and again. 

A man of faith 

Ryan described his teen years as being crazy. He got into a lot of fights. But then something happened that changed his life. In junior high school, he discovered the Bible and it was a life-changing experience. Everyone who knew Ryan was surprised by his transformation. He became God-fearing and he has placed his beliefs at the center of everything he is doing. His faith has helped Ryan to become a responsible adult and a successful entrepreneur. Now, he is a full-time rafting and fishing guide for Hush Fly Fishing company. He is also a happily married man. If you're in the Mystic, Connecticut area and are looking for a great fly fishing guide, you should definitely hit Ryan up. 

A fun company 

With Ryan, you're in good hands because of his experience in fly fishing and his passion for the sport. Hush is also a very company. When you book a session with Hush, you'll immediately be treated like family. No wonder it's one of the more popular fly fishing companies in the area. Hush is all about building a community of anglers. Ryan's main purpose for establishing the company is to share with others the fun activity of fly fishing. If you're looking for a traditional fly fishing company, however, you'll be disappointed. Hush is for the new breed of anglers. It's for people looking for adventure and excitement. Everyone is welcome at Hush too whether you're new to fly fishing or if you've been fly fishing for several years already. The company brings a fresh take to the sport of fly fishing. It's safe to say that this is not your father's fly fishing company. 

The evolution of fly fishing

If you're looking for an extraordinary fly fishing experience, the Hush Fly Fishing Company is the company to call. Ryan assures that he can help anyone find fish and catch them. When you book a tour with Rush, you'll surely have a good time. And you will have plenty of stories to tell your friends and family. Ryan is a very entertaining and knowledgeable guide. No wonder he has so many repeat customers. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who is more passionate about fly fishing than Ryan. Hush is an antidote to the old boring fly fishing companies that tend to drive people away from the sport.

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