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To the inexperienced eye, a fly fishing stripping basket would seem to be excess baggage during a fishing expedition. Nothing could be further from the truth. The logic that supports having this basket as part of your kit is simple: To control your line whilst you strip, and to remove the friction of water while you cast.  

Operating a stripping basket is straightforward. You insert a line into a basket prior to casting, and this is followed by the line being lifted out of the basket when the line shoots. This mode of operation in fly fishing has two distinct advantages:

The line is always under control. Incidences of the line getting sucked by a loop of water or getting tangled by vegetation are minimized. The friction experienced on the line is reduced during casting for the reason that the line is coiled up in the basket and does not have to pass through water or vegetation. 

There are three types of baskets: 

Oceanfront basket

The distinctive feature of this basket is that it comes with holes in it. This design ensures that any water that comes from oncoming waves easily flows out of the basket. This design outlay has one major advantage: The outflow of water from the basket ensures that this is the most ideal basket to use when casting a line into the surf. 

Bay basket

The design of this basket is solid all through- no holes on its surface. Ideally, this is a basket that just sits on the surface of the water as you cast your line out. The key advantage of this basket is that it allows the fisherman to wade deeply into the without limiting one’s casting distance. 

Boat basket

This basket is deployed when you are flying fish from a boat. There is one overriding goal when using a boat basket: to ensure that the line does not become entangled with rails, gunwales or cleats. 

Basket sizes

Baskets can generally be divided into groups (size-wise). The dimensions, advantages/disadvantages of each are given below. 

Small baskets come in the dimension of 12 by 9 by 6 inches. The key advantage of a small basket is that it is easy to carry around. The major disadvantage of a small basket is that they do not support wide casting on account of the amount of line they can accommodate. The second disadvantage of a small basket is that they don’t hold well in encounters with crosswinds. Chances are high that on a windy day during fishing, the line contained in the basket can be easily blown out. 

Large baskets come in the dimension of 19 by 13 by 10 inches. The advantage conferred by this volume is that it makes it attainable to achieve maximum casting distance on account of the line that can be accommodated in the basket. The only disadvantage that comes with this sort of basket is that they are hard to tag around on account of their volume. 

The astute fisherman looks for a compromise and this is found in the midsized basket. The dimensions of this are given as 15 by 11 by 8 inches. The advantages of this sizing are obvious: First, the size does not restrict your movements-portability becomes somewhat easier to handle. Secondly, the dimensions of this basket get you a respectable casting distance because the line held is neither too short nor too long. 

Material build

It is important to note that the material of construction used on a basket will influence the identity of the product and this could confuse the potential buyer. In industry, lingo baskets are made from fabric and can be collapsed. Trays are constructed from plastics and resemble a fish bowl. Buckets will be rubber padded at the base to ensure they have traction whilst the boat moves on water.  

The only constant in life changes. New technology has evolved in the world of fly fishing to ensure that casting distance is increased. Towards this end, millions of dollars have been spent in research and development to enhance rods and tapered lines. The one bit of equipment that you the astute fisherman should not forget is the stripped basket. For the stripped basket that will decrease line tangles and aide you achieve casting distance, click on this link: https://www.maxcatchfishing.com

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