What is the classic fly fishing tackle you can't live without?

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Some classic fly fishing tackle is just too good to think you can do without it.

About rods

This is the first factor to keep in mind. Often, the fisherman will find himself casting in windy conditions, sometimes even in very strong gusts of wind. This situation will generate difficulties in casting, but not only that. It creates a risk for the equipment. The wind causes the loss of control of the fly line. The fly line and the fly may collide with the tip of the rod. This can be fatal for any rod model.

If you fish in a wild environment, the movements take place in areas without beaten paths. Anyone with good fishing experience knows how many fall or small accident hazards may lie with these conditions. You will irreparably damage your equipment in an instant. Therefore, if your destinations have a lot of wind or rocky areas, it will be appropriate to buy bamboo rods. You can also choose graphite rods with a guarantee for accidental damage or replacement of damaged parts.

Bamboo rods

You can find classic fly fishing tackle dedicated to bamboo rods. The choice of the bamboo rod is much more challenging than choosing the graphite one. Unfortunately, you cannot opt for the classic length. As a material, bamboo prevents the creation of excessively long rods. In comparison with those you can buy in stores, current casting techniques would not go well with the use of long bamboo rods.

The maximum length is 9 feet. I found that Maxcatchfishing offers both the short as well as the 9 FT long rod. Their rods have a double tip, which will prevent any occasional damage due to the fly bashing against the tip of the rod in windy conditions. This site offers high-quality Japanese material. The Japanese are the ones who first mastered this technique.

Another fundamental feature that the bamboo rod must display is the ability to contain the strength of a large and powerful trout. The joints of the rods must be flexible yet durable. 

The three-piece construction will allow transportation within the suitcase. The double tips will allow you to continue fishing even in the case that one of them breaks.

About waders

These clothes are part of the classic fly fishing tackle. They have changed over time, but always kept a connection to traditional models. Even if the period of our fishing will be summer, you have to prepare.

The clothing must include a good waterproof breathable rain jacket, a heavy fleece, a fleece vest, and above all excellent waders. In addition to being breathable, the latter must also be robust to survive, as long as possible, against bramble bites and in general, to the intense stress to which we will subject them.

You can also use a fishing wader bag. For long fishing sessions, a wader bag is useful for keeping your clothes dry after a shower of rain. Fly fishing wading jackets keep your tools safe, but your health depends on the clothing you wear. Make sure you choose waders that you can comfortably put on and take off.

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