What is The Best Way to Catch Steelhead?

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It seems kind of useless to introduce steelhead now, this fish is appreciated by all anglers, if you want to enjoy a good game and get fun, just go ahead and look for steelhead.
Here are some advice, some recommended skills to help you catch this amazing fish.

1. Be patient

If steelhead are fun to fish, it doesn’t mean they are easy to catch, indeed this species is hard to understand, you often spend your time to look for it without finding it, and you can have the impression to search for a needle in a haystack. However with experience and by considering all the environment and getting few tips, you can improve your chance to catch some.

2. Importance of the water’s choice

Look for a water between 3 and 6 foot depth, not to fast not to slow, steelhead will be holding around broken water.

3. Technique

Wet fly swing is known and approved by all, wetflyswing.com recommends “The wet fly swing is implemented by casting downstream and across the river at a 45 degree angle. After making a cast, it’s good to make one mend to get your fly in proper presentation and speed. As the fly swings across the water, keep your rod tip low and follow the fly across as it goes towards the hang down.”

4. Fly and line

We advise you to use a floating line or a sinking line, with a steelhead pattern.
Many anglers prefer to use small flies, for example in the #6 and #8 range, do not hesitate to go ahead with small flies, steelhead are far away to be blind.

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