What is The Best Fly Tying Vise?

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Fly fishing is often described as an art more than a sport, like an improved and finest version of general fishing, the main reason behind that is the fly tying. Indeed we can find plenty of different flies around the world and some experts quickly became real artists by exposing their flies everywhere, especially on Internet nowadays. So as a painter use a brush and pay a real attention to its quality, a fly tier has a fly tying vise, it’s clearly the best tool to use and it can impact the result directly, that’s why an angler who ties his own flies has to take care of it, and choose the perfect one to match with his flies.
Here is our selection of the most important characteristics that a fly tying vise should have:
1. Rotary vise

It seems essential to have a rotary vise, to inspect and analyze all the sides of your fly from different angles and optimize the result, it can just be better with a rotation. It’s important to have a “flexible” rotation and something easy to move with a simple movement, solid enough to not lose or damage the fly of course.

2. A good pedestal or clamp

Stabilization is the key, and we can easily judge the solidity of a fly tying vise by its pedestal or clamp. The clamp is more and more appreciated by a lot of anglers, perfect for basic tables, it’s often lighter and easier to stock (it is important when we know all the accessories that fly fishing can bring into your home).
The advantage to get one with a pedestal is that you can tie with it on many different surface, you can travel with it, tie on each place with a flat surface, you don’t need to find table edge, it’s more convenient if you often take your vise away from home.

3. The jaws

About the jaws, everything depends of the hook size you are used to tie with, choose a vise with a jaw that is appropriate to your needs, you should also pay attention to the texture inside it.

4. Adjustment

Take care of your vise’s adjustment, many vises have different adjustment levels. Here are few details you should pay attention about the gripping power, here again choose wisely, taking into account your needs, and the way you’re used to tie your fly, or the way you plan to tie if you’re a beginner.

5. Accessories

If you can grab accessories to help you tie with your vise, just go ahead, there is many opportunities to receive your vise with new scissors, glue, bobbin holder and a plenty of other tools. Those offer are often a good deal and of course a chance to get more products instead of buying them one by one.

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