What is The Best Fly Fishing Starter Kit?

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Our brand ambassador Sean Roussow, an experienced angler from South Africa agreed to share his advice for any rookie, any angler who want to discover the fly fishing world.

Here are his words, advising for the best fly fishing starter kit:

“Known as the 'Maxcatch Extreme Combo' this is undoubtedly the best beginners fly fishing combo & is often a pick by the budget conscious intermediate flyfisher. This complete single purchase comes with everything that will have you on the water & into fish confidently.

What you get is all you need. 1× Extreme 4pcs graphite rod 5#-8#. 1× Eco large arbor die cast reel 5/6#-7/8#. It comes spooled with 20lb backing, matching Eco floating line & leader. Additional accessories. Double sided, water resistant, fly box with 12× flies, nipper, zinger & line straightener. It all comes packed in a single travel bag. An in depth look of the gear.

The heart of this combo is 1 the rod. It's a 30T graphite, medium length, medium to fast action, 4pcs, 9' rod. It comes with an eye catching one piece machined aluminium with twin up locking deep reel seat. The cork is of standard AA grade which means it's comfortable & smooth in hand. The blank is of the greatest quality & is found on the higher level rods. It's a beautiful deep green, lining dots & can only describe the line guides as smooth. A bonus with the 6# 7# & 8# is the option of a longer length 9'6/10' & come with fighting butts. Added with the deep hugging reel seat means you can tackle the bigger fish with confidence. Eco reel

The Eco reel is a Die cast reel which is light for it's size & with it's large arbor, it allows you to retrieve & lay the line quickly & evenly. With the two ball bearings & one way roller bearing makes the action smooth. The drag is a multiple disk system & has more than enough stopping power.

Eco WF floating line. The line is a great quality soft line, it has a longer head which lays high, straight on the water & fly's true throughout the cast. This is a complete combo that is targeted for the beginner's but offers so much more.”

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