What is The Best Fly Fishing Combo for Beginners?

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When you're a beginner, the smartest way to enter into the fly fishing world is often to buy a whole fly fishing outfit.

We recommend you to buy a suitable combo with fly rod, reel fully loaded with backing, line and a leader.

We would like to explain you which characteristics you have to look before spending money on one of those combo:

1. All already set up for you

You'll avoid to waste your time on how to set the complete set up by yourself, if you're a beginner it could be such a mess to understand everything, so it's better if you receive everything at the same time, it's particularly good to receive a reel already loaded with the backing connected. You have time to learn more after and especially about the gears, but first you can just enjoy your experience on water and focus on your fly fishing skills, that you'll improve faster if you avoid to lose to much time by setting up all your gears.

2. What fishing you're going for?

Of course one of the main important point to select your first fly fishing combo is to choose one adapted to the kind of fishing you plan to practice:
- Small river: weight forward 5
- Stillwater/lake: weight forward 7
- Sea: 8wt
Recommendations from chuckingfluff.com

3. Look for a cheap price

If you're looking to buy a fly fishing combo for beginners, it obviously means you are a beginner and pretty new in this category, play safe and try fly fishing by building your own experience with it, slowly but surely, it's useless to spend over $150 in a first fly fishing outfit, take time to learn and start from the bottom, step by step you'll earn experience and then you can look for something more expensive for anglers with better skills.
But first, avoid any useless risks, take your time and save money.

4. Make your own choice

Of course you have to listen other anglers and take into account what they have to say, but you know that many of them are totally obsessed with brand because of traditions etc. And because they never tried another thing. It's better for you to make your own opinion, try combo by yourself, read all the characteristics, cause at the end you and only you will fly fish for you, not for the others.

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