What Is Pocket Water in Fly Fishing

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Pocket water fly fishing is popular in rivers or streams with low flowing water. The pattern of low flowing water can be due to a change in seasons, perhaps a shift from winter to summer. As a result of the hot weather in summer, rivers and streams tend to reduce the flow of water. Fishermen take advantage of pocket water to practice fly fishing to catch fish for food or to sell.   

What Is Pocket Water? What Is Fly Fishing?  

Before delving further on the tips that will help you to have successful pocket water fly fishing, it's essential to gain a good understanding of the terms involved. Pocket water, to begin with, refers to a part of a river where a big rock hinders the free flow of the river; hence creating something that looks like a pocket, just as it is called. Fly fishing, on the other hand, refers to the use of artificial flies thrown into the pocket using a fly rod and a fly line to catch fish. Having understood the meaning of the fundamental terms, you can now learn the tips you need when going fishing in such an environment.  Tip 1: Fishing At the Rear of the Large Rock  

This is an area where fish like swimming towards because of the calm environment surrounding it. Essentially, as a way of moving away from the faster moving current, fish like to move towards where the water current is slow and settle there. Also, you will realize that the area behind the rock is ideal to catch fish as they settle there to eat the plenty of food sources available. When fly fishing in pocket water, you can maximize on this area to increase your chances of catching fish.  

Tip 2:Fishing On the Sides of the Pocket  

You can cast a fly on the sides of the pocket to catch the available fish at that time. On either side of the pocket, there are food materials that pass by, thus attracting fish. This is a strategic place for you to maximize on as you fly fish because fish gather there to get hold of food. So, the next time you go fly fishing pocket water, ensure that you take advantage of the area adjacent to the pocket water on both sides.  

 Tip3: Fly Fishing In Front Of the Rock  

Fish find this area very comfortable for them to settle because of the cushion-like environment caused by the current moving against the rock. Usually, fish settle here because they avoid being fought by the flowing currents. Again, food flows into their mouths when they are at this point, thus making it a strategic place for you to catch them. As you plan to do pocket water fly fishing, keep in mind that the area in front of the rock is a great place for you to explore.  


Effective pocket water fishing requires you to be particular on where you are fishing. It's not every place that you will be guaranteed to find fish in a river or stream. There are key places where you can get fish when you decide to get hold of them. Therefore, these tips will help you greatly in your next visit to fish at your nearest stream.

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