What is Maxcatch fly fishing equipment?

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These days finding a quality fishing rod can be challenging, having one you know is reliable and will last you in your fishing adventures is detrimental to the enjoyment and efficiency of the activity.

That's why today we are introducing the Maxcatch Fishing catalogue, with hundreds of products to choose to you will be able to find quality fishing equipment which will prove to be a worthwhile purchase. If you've been looking for quality fishing products then your search ends here.

Who is Maxcatch Fishing?

Maxcatch Fishing is an established company with excellent reviews. It is a trusted and reputable company.

Maxcatch Fishing specializes in Fishing equipment, especially with fishing rods for fly fishing which can allow you to do reel combos.

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is an angle you can use with your fishing rod that uses a low-weight lure which is called an artificial fly to catch fish. In order to do this you need a fly rod, a reel and a specialist weighted line which is where Maxcatch comes into play!

I'm intrigued, what products do Maxcatch sell?

Maxcatch sells a huge variety of products, from fishing rods to reels to even fishing wear, however here are a few of our favorite and what we deem as essential picks!

#1: Sparta Ultra Smooth Sealed Drag Reel

Now, apart from the fishing rod itself, this is one of the most important products you will need if your planning on fishing. Maxcatch offers the perfect product which is called the Sparta Ultra Smooth Sealed Drag Reel. This drag reel comes in two fancy colours, either 'Ice Blue' or 'Royal Black'. With five star reviews from over twenty two paying customers as well as door to door express shipping we would say that this Reel is an excellent product built only with the finest craftsmanship and no cut corners. 

What are the best features of this reel?

It is 100% saltwater proof, which means you don't have to be worried about your reel dissolving in the water unlike some other brands, it is also made from quality material and is sturdy in nature which gives off a satisfying feeling of reeling in a catch with it! If your going fishing make sure to have one of these with you, you never know what you may get but at least you have peace of mind knowing that your Sparta Reel can handle it!

#2: ADVANCE Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

Now onto the most important piece of kit for fishing, nothing other than the Fishing Rod, however specifically the 'ADVANCE Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod'. This excellent piece of kit is one of the best sellers on Maxcatch and has been bought by over 400 people and with near solid 5 star reviews you know you can not go wrong with this rod! 

With a ten year warranty you know you can trust your ADVANCE Fly Fishing Rod and with it being made from the best Carbon Fiber material (High Grade 30T+40T Carbon Fiber) you know that your new Fly Fishing rod will be able to take on any fish big or small and will be sturdy and satisfying to use while you're in the process. This fly fishing rod has 3 different models which will be suited for all people and if your not interested in the ADVANCE Fly Fishing Rod then they're tens to hundreds of other premium rods on Maxcatch which will be sure to catch your eye!

#3: Waterproof Fly Fishing Wading Jacket

Now to draw this article to an end and prove ultimately that Maxcatch sells all things fishing related we will close it off with the Waterproof Fly Fishing Wading Jacket, an once again strong and durable addition to your fishing kit.

This particular wading jacket comes in two variants and is made of three layers, material, breathable and waterproof fabric to make sure that you do not get wet even under the most extreme of conditions, there are four large pockets on the Pro version and three large pockets on the Hybrid version and have large zippers for both which makes them more comfortable to use. Once again these coats are crafted with no expense cut on the materials and craftsmanship put into them and are destined to last you over your fishing adventures!

Thank you for reading our article and we hope you love our products on Maxcatch, we hope to see you soon! Happy fishing!

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