What is Marathon Fly Fishing?

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Many people may be wondering what marathon fly fishing means. Does it, as its name implies, refers to the outdoor activity of long-time fly fishing. Actually it isn’t. Marathon is a city of Florida of America and as one of the Florida keys, there are tons of remote banks that hold tarpon in good numbers and some of the best bonefish flats.

Characteristics of fly fishing here

The charters of Marathon fly fishing really can produce some amazing effects where fly anglers can frequently harvest a lot because bonefish here is excellent. Before Spring, tarpon has started to pour into the banks and without too much fishing pressure, the tarpon here will eat quite well throughout the whole spring. When May comes, tarpon flow along the ocean side flats where the bottom is so light that you can see vast strings of tarpon run the beach and thus fly fishing here will be a fantastic thing. 

Come and enjoy

Most people, I believe, when hearing the word "marathon fly fishing", can't help admiring those who attend this activity. However, when they know there is a mistake, they must want to know more about this. In Marathon, you can find the famous Seven Mile Bridge which is admired to be a bridge lying in the ocean. Fly fishing here and in the Seven Mile Bridge area, for any serious tarpon angler, is a must.

So for you, it is better to arrange a Marathon fly fishing sooner or later. There is an airport in Marathon and if fly fishing here is on your bucket list, just come and enjoy!

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