What is Fly Fishing Line Straightener For?

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Fly fishing line straightener is a little but very useful gadget that is used to clean and straighten leaders and lines. Maybe many of you are wondering why fly anglers need this. That's because all fly lines have memories of what shape they have been kept in. Come and read further to find the truth about straightening fly fishing lines.



As its name implies, the key function of the fly fishing line straightener lies in its last word. If fly anglers want to extend the lifespan of their lines and leaders, just choose one straightener for them. Some kinds of straightener are designed with a D-shaped attachment, which greatly makes it easier for you to take. Some are designed with EVA material, which makes for effortless and quick straightening and efficiently removes stubborn kinks. Meanwhile, with the softer felt, dust, mud and other stains can be cleaned off from your fly line.


As for how to handle the line straightener, steps are as follows:

Step 1: Keep pulling your line through the rubber faced sides until it gets straight.

Step 2: Add a few drops of the line care solution and then pull your line through the felted sides so as to clean and remove the line memory.

Just with these two simple steps and a fly fishing line straightener, your line will be given a new lease of life. Straightening your fly fishing line is no longer a hard work.


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