What is Fly Fishing Leaders?

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In fishing the connection that joins a line to a hook is known as Fly Fishing Leaders, this component of the fishing provides high security to all equipment used to perform it, the structure of a leader is composed of three parts, the first is called butt, the second part is composed of an intermediate section that we call progression and the third and final part is the tip called the tippet.

Functions of the parts of the leader

The Butt is the longest section and the largest diameter of a Fly Fishing Leaders and covers approximately 60 percent of the total length of the leader, its basic function is the union to the line and transmits the kinetic energy that is in the line, the taper or progression has the mission of absorbing energy in its length, that is to say, that its length will depend on the energy that is lost, in the part of the leader where the taper begins has its largest diameter and as it extends this goes down.

The Tippet, is the last part of the leader and has the functionality of masking this before the fish, that is to say, that hides the leader so that the fish does not perceive it, is a portion of the leader that is worn out frequently by the knots that are made on it, the ties and the cuts of flies and also by the rubbing of this with the rocks, reason why it requires to be replaced when in the heat of work it is required to change the type of fishing, it is necessary to replace the Tippet in the Fly Fishing Leaders.

In order to be able to make this replacement they use knots to tie nylon with another one, there are three ways to make these unions, one is the barrel knot or barrel knot, the surgeon's knot that also is called the knot of the easy surgeon if it is had the precaution to wet it before tightening and the blood knot for firm unions with a minimum size of knot, using tñecnicas adapted in the knots we obtained good life utility of the Fly Fishing Leaders. 

The 20LB100Yard Braided Backing is ideal for this type of replacement available in 9 colors at https://www.maxcatchfishing.com/high_quality_braided_backing_line_100yards_20-30lb.html this thin material provides the alternative of more backing on the reel ideal for fishing fish that offer high strength.

What are the leaders made of?

Formerly the leaders were manufactured with silkworm casings, this type of elaboration required very special treatments, also was manufactured with horsehair, however, the Fly Fishing Leaders have a very significant advance with the invention in France of nylon, this cylindrical material providing countless advantages in the manufacture of leaders.

Invisibility, tensile strength, excellent energy transfer and minimal maintenance required are some of the benefits provided by nylon to Fly Fishing Leaders, the length of a leader should generally correspond to the length of the fishing rod, although the longer Fly Fishing Leaders have more length, greater success can be had in fishing.

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