What is Fly Fishing Arkansas? Why are Many People Fishing Here?

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When it refers to fly fishing Arkansas, some people may feel quite confused. What is the relationship between fly fishing and Arkansas? After reading this article, you will make clear the relationship between them. 

What is fly fishing?

1. Fly fishing differs from other kinds of fishing methods. Many fishing lovers may quite familiar with lure fishing. While the fishing method we discuss today is different from that. It originates from Europe. The familiar lure fishing relies on the weight of the bait to cast it, while the so-called fly fishing depends on using the weight of the wire to cast the fish bait, just like the way to cast the rope. Because this method cancels the weight limit of the bait, even a feather can be thrown to the place you want.

2. Fly fishing is generally suitable for fishing in streams, riversides, and other places with relatively lush vegetation. Generally, they are standing in the shallow water area, flying fish lines, throwing beautiful curves, and harmoniously blending with nature to form a beautiful landscape.

3. The baits of this new fishing method are special. Because insects are the staple food of many fish, they can get high protein meals without much effort. Fly bait includes larval form, sub-adult form, adult form of aquatic insects, even small fish, and leech, etc. The baits of fly fishing look like insects that have feathers. They are usually tied up by hands.

Generally speaking, this fishing way is using the special fly line, fly rod, and fly. Using the fly fishing technique, you can drop a fly on the water without any sound, and then draw a line to simulate the movement of insects struggling to swim, which is fatal to many fishes. This is the principle of fly fishing.

Why fly fishing Arkansas is a good choice?

For most fly fishing lovers in America, Arkansas is not strange to them, especially the famous White River. People may still feel confused. What is the secret behind that state? Why it is a good choice for anglers? The reasons or ” secrets” are as follows:

1. First, the location there is good. The best places to fish are in the state, as well as the White River in Arkansas, which is excellent for almost 722 miles, including the part that flows north to Branson, Missouri. White River fishing in Arkansas is probably the most important sport on the river. Especially for purists, flying trout fishing is the ultimate sport. There are dozens of fishing resorts in White River, Arkansas, and professional River guides and outfits to help you land on the river.

2. Second, the natural environment there is good. Arkansas has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, long summer days and short winter. The average maximum temperature in summer is 34.2 ℃, the average minimum temperature in winter is minus 3 ℃, and the annual rainfall is 1220 mm. Its good natural environment makes it known as the "state of nature." Thus it is good for fishing.

3. Third, people can get trophies easily, which means catching big fishes easily. Especially in winter, which is from February to March. Usually, in February, the temperature of water drops low enough to freeze a large number of baitfish. These dead or dying baitfish will flow downstream out of the dam and into the tailwater. Then trouts gather in the tail-water and hunt crazily. Thus it is the best time to catch brown trouts which may weigh five pounds or more in a year.

4. Fourth, there are few people by the river, and the trouts in the river are waiting for you to catch; One of the points that anglers afraid of is that there are too many people who may interfere with the fishing. Therefore, the river there is a suitable place for fishing.

All in all, if you are a fishing lover, you cannot miss this kind of new fishing method. What’s more, if you want to have a good experience with fly fishing, a suitable place where you can choose is Arkansas. Fly fishing Arkansas will bring you many unforgettable feelings. If you have any interest in it, bring your fishing outfit and set out! Don’t miss it!

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