What Is Dubbing In Fly Tying?

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What Is Dubbing In Fly Tying?  It is simply the material you apply around the thread to create the fly body. The materials come in different shapes and forms. You can have synthetic materials or go for natural materials. 

In fly fishing, you need to create artificial flies that mimic the real flies. You can easily make the artificial flies look real if they can have all the parts of a real fly. To create the body of a fly in your fishing adventure, you need to apply to dub to the thread after you have tied it to the hook. You may have to make spinning motions using the materials to create a figure which resembles the real fly. The materials are readily available in shops. If you can visit Maxcatch fly fishing, you can easily buy the materials.  

Tips when buying dubbing materials 

Check on the price of the dubbing materials  

To easily locate the right materials, you need to check on the prices. If you are restricted on the given budget, then you need to visit Maxcatch fly fishing and compare the prices. You have a wide range of materials to choose from. It is even to your advantage because the company has a good reputation in selling quality materials which you can apply to take your fly fishing adventure to another level.   

Are you performing dry fly fishing or you need flies which sink?  

There are some flies used in fly fishing which sink such as nymphs. If you would like to catch fish which feed deep in the waters, then you may have to go for dubbing materials which will sink. There is a wide range of materials to choose from. You will have to specify when making your order so that you can receive the right materials. 

Apart from applying the materials, you should as well follow the right procedure so that you can create a shape which mimics the shape of a real fly body. If you are interested in dry fly fishing, then you need to look for dubbing materials which float on the surface of the water.   

Easy to use dubbing materials  

There are some materials which are easy to use. You have your own preferences when it comes to creating the fly body. If you consider certain materials work well for you, then you may have to stick to them in making the artificial flies. It is advisable to try different maters available in the market so that you can develop your own preferences when it comes to choosing the dubbing materials.  

Dubbing materials color selection  

When it comes to colors, you cannot run short of choices. There are several colors to choose from in your fishing adventure. Go for materials that will make your artificial fly look real so that the fish can easily catch it. If you can take time to choose the right materials, you will always find fly fishing adventures.

What is dubbing in fly tying? It should not stress you because you have the answer in the explanation above.

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