What is a Fly Fishing Tippet?

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Typical equipment for a Fly fisherman, a Tippet is the end of a leader, the part that is directly attached to the fly, tippet are logically invisible to the fish. We decided to combine Definition, Material, size in one single article to give you more information, you can find here the basis that you should know about fly fishing tippet.

Definition :
Tippet is the final, lightweight line that you tie to your fly. If you want to keep your leader safe for a moment, you better use tippet. Leaders are often expensive and their taper can easily be cut away, especially if you often change flies. By tying on tippet, you can avoid losing taper.

Material :
From fluorocarbon to nylon :
- Fluorocarbon : that is stiffer, tangles less, and is easier to untangle than nylon. It also doesn’t absorb a lot of water. If you’re using it during the whole day, your tippet won’t become weaker.
- Nylon is generally great and can answer to a large panel of needs. It’s a solid choice wherever water clarity is off. Nylon will provide pretty good knot strength. It absorbs more water, but it does a great job most of the time.

Size :
The tippet is 2 to 4 feet in length and matches, or smaller than the diameter of the leader's tip.
Tippet material is measured in Xs, like 3X, 4X, 5X etc. Here Xs correspond to a diameter.

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